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To celebrate 20 years of creativity, multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Chagnon presents two exclusive exhibits

Montreal, April 30th, 2015 - Anne-Marie Chagnon, multidisciplinary artist and jeweller from Montreal, masters a unique kind of know-how, which extends to diverse artistic practices. These practices express themselves throughout her work. She thus celebrates two decades of creation this year by presenting two exclusive exhibits simultaneously. Looking Back: 20 Years of Bejewelled History and Take-Off, her very first solo painting exhibit, will allow the public to discover, or rediscover, an artist with stand-out talent and inspiring entrepreneur who continues to bewilder thanks to her abundant creativity.

An entrepreneurial success story

In fact, over the past 20 years, Anne-Marie Chagnon has created sculptural and expressive jewellery for women that, like her, distinguish themselves by their spirit of independence. Moreover, the artist is known for having developed a distinctive signature of international influence, tinged with authenticity and emotion. Proud to continue to produce all her jewellery by hand at her Montreal studio with a team of about 40 employees, her creations can be found on five continents.

“As a little girl, I didn’t wonder about what I was going to ‘be or do’ when I grew up, I wonderedabout what I was going to ‘build’. In fact, well before the creation of the company, at the outset of college, I created and sold jewellery at the Mont-Royal Tams-tams Jams and in festivals. My first sales in boutiques, 20 years ago, prompted me to establish the company, to slowly professionalize the work I was doing. I was still studying visual arts at UQAM but, little by little, the company was taking shape, to the point where creating jewellery became my trade. I am proud to have succeeded in creating an organization that reconciles the imperatives of entrepreneurship with my passion for artistic creation”, says Anne-Marie Chagnon.

Two exclusive exhibits

Looking Back: 20 Years of Bejewelled History On the occasion of a never before seen exhibit, Anne-Marie Chagnon presents Looking Back: 20 Years of Bejewelled History, which looks back at some of the most notable jewellery that have marked her career. From her very first pieces, to her most recent collections distributed at more than 500 retailers, to her notable associations such as her work with Le Cirque du Soleil, discover her favourites as well as some original pieces.

Take-Off Best known as a jeweller, Anne-Marie Chagnon is first and foremost a multidisciplinary artist. Art, drawing, and sculpture are part of the jeweller creation process. Pictorial language has carved out a niche of choice in her works. Following a few multidisciplinary exhibits in Canada and abroad, Take-Off constitutes the first solo exhibit of the artist and renowned jeweller Anne-Marie Chagnon’s paintings.

“It’s a novel experience that also nurtures my creativity. Jewellery creation and painting are communicating vessels. I have been mixing these two art forms for a long time, and one has always been a source of inspiration for the other; in some of my jewellery, we can find some of the sketches that I traced myself, and we can identify the creative links between certain paintings and my jewellery. With Looking Back and *Take-Off *,these two passions now come to life, independently and autonomously, and it constitutes a wonderful discovery for me also”, confides the multidisciplinary artist.

The vernissage was a grand celebration attended by many personalities, namely Sylvie Moreau, Nathalie Moreau, François Papineau, LINO, Marie-Josée Lord, and former Quebec Premier Pauline Marois. The company’s North American commercial representatives, as well as many Quebec retailers and guests from the general public turned out for the event. More than 200 people showed upto celebrate 20 years of creation with Anne-Marie Chagnon, her loved-ones, and her team.

The Looking Back and Take-Off exhibits will be open to the public from May 1st to June 14th, 2015 at the Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce,located at 3755, Botrel St., in Montreal. The exhibited canvases are available for purchase. You can preview the Looking Back and Take-Off exhibitsand discover vibrant testimonials on this website.

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